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      1. 360个人图书馆 - 全球最大的电子图书馆




        02.Inside the Earth

        03.Inside the Human Body

        04.lost in the solar system 横版

        04.Lost in the Solar System

        05.On the Ocean Floor

        06.In the Time of the Dinosaur

        07.Inside A Hurricane

        08.Inside a Beehive

        11.Magic School Bus and The Science Fair Expedition

        12.Magic School Bus and the climate challenge

        3.Inside Ralphie - A Book About Germs

        3.Inside Ralphie

        4.Gets Eaten

        5.Hops Home

        8.In The Haunted Museum

        11.Plants Seeds- A Book About How Living Things Grow

        12.Gets Ants In Its Pants

        13.Kicks Up A Storm- A Book About Weather 

        14.Blows Its Top- A Book About Volcanoes

        17.Going Batty

        20.Butterfly And The Bog Beast

        21.Wet All Over

        24.Out Of The World

        25.Gets Cold Feet

        28.In The Arctic

        29.Spins A Web

        30.Shows And Tells

        31.Gets A Bright Idea - A Book About Light

        32.Ups And Downs - A Book About Floating And Sinking

        33.Makes a Rainbow

        40.Goes Upstream

        46.See Stars

        50.Gets Programmed

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        Magic School Bus and The Missing Tooth



        Gets Baked In A Cake

        Hello Out There

        Meets The Rot Squad

        msb1 The Truth about Bats

        msb2 The Search for the Missing Bones

        msb3 The Wild Whale Watch