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      1. 360個人圖書館 - 全球最大的電子圖書館

        國家地理:河馬VS鱷魚/Hippo vs Croc

        • 片名:國家地理:河馬VS鱷魚/Hippo vs Croc
        • 地區:美國
        • 集數:1
        • 上映日期:2014
        • 字幕:|無字幕|
        • 分辨率:720P

        Two of Africa's deadliest gladiators -- hippos and crocs -- have lived beside one another for millennia, but are they gracious pals or archenemies? One is a hefty herbivore with razor-sharp tusks capable of slicing a human in half. The other is the most successful freshwater predator on the planet with the strongest bite force known to man. The game is on, and this lush environment is about to spiral into a hotbed of feast and famine. Who will be the ultimate victor?