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        • 片名:國家地理:諾曼第二戰回憶錄-行動展開
        • 地區:美國
        • 集數:1
        • 上映日期:2014
        • 字幕:|外掛中文字幕|
        • 分辨率:720P
        中文名稱:國家地理: 諾曼第二戰回憶錄-行動展開(2014.06.02)
        英文名稱:National Geographic Channel -   D-Day Sacrifice: The Landing
        文件格式:TS/720P/1.44G/43分鐘 58秒 /視頻x264,4000Kbs編碼,音頻AC-3 448Kbps 6 channels
        版     本 :   720p.HDTV x264.AC3.SHB.ts(片源提供:馬妮, 錄制:吳耐 ,后期:GB)
        對     白:  英語
        It was the biggest air and naval fleet in history to take off for France to free Europe from Nazi Germany’s clutches.
        As World War II entered its fifth year of combat, and despite set-backs in Russia, the power of Germany remained so 
        strong that the Anglo American Allies had to recruit 2 million men all ready to sacrifice their lives.
        From the Battle of Normandy to the Liberation of Paris, tens of thousands of lives were lost; D-Day Sacrifice recounts 
        the story of the D-Day Landings on 6 June 1944 through the testimonies of those who lived it.
        Comprised entirely of re-mastered and colourised  archive footage, much of it never before seen, the remarkable testimonies 
        of famous individuals like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Erwin Rommel are intertwined with those of anonymous soldiers and citizens, 
        such as film director Samuel Fuller and Eisenhower’s chauffeur, Kay Summersby. 
        D-Day Sacrifice: The Landing 
        As World War II continues, tension is at its peak as the biggest invasion fleet in history attempts to free Europe from Nazi Germany.