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        • 片名:BBC:画家威廉·霍加斯:一个男人和他的哈巴狗
        • 地区:美国
        • 集数:1
        • 上映日期:2014
        • 字幕:|外挂中文字幕|
        • 分辨率:720P
        [BBC][画家威廉·霍加斯:一个男人和他的哈巴狗 Hogarth: One Man and His Pug 2014][全一集][720P/mkv/474MB][英语英字]
        Arts Documentary hosted by Lars Tharp, published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Secret Knowledge series in 2014 - English narration 
        To mark 250 years since William Hogarth's death, ceramics expert and self-confessed Hogarth fanatic Lars Tharp is determined to solve a mystery that has consumed his personal and professional life - the case of Hogarth's lost pug. In this unique shaggy dog story, Tharp explains Hogarth's obsession with this most characterful of breeds and the pivotal role it played in his life and his work. A canine odyssey that only examines one of his most iconic works of art, but leads us into a world of satire, salaciousness and secrets. From harlots and rakes to the shadowy machinations of the freemasons, Tharp's ultimate goal is to lead an appeal to the nation to help him recover a rare piece of long-lost Hogarth memorabilia - a precious terracotta sculpture of his beloved pet pug. For Tharp this is the perfect moment in which to pay tribute to a man whom he regards as our greatest and most influential artist - and what better way to explore a man famed for his wit and humour than on the trail of his most iconic and idiosyncratic four-legged companion.