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        印度野性之美/India's Wild Beauty

        • 片名:印度野性之美/India's Wild Beauty
        • 地區:美國
        • 集數:5
        • 上映日期:2014
        • 字幕:|無字幕|
        • 分辨率:720P
        • 格式:[!--geshi--]

         India - unique in its diversity and breathtakingly beautiful. The subcontinent is characterized by scenic, cultural and ethnic diversity. After China, India is the second most populous country in the world. However, despite growing space needs, there are efforts to preserve the wilderness through nature reserves and protected areas. So India still provides habitat for rare species such as the Bengal tiger or the Indian elephant.

        Episode List(我粗略翻譯了各節標題)
        1. The Thar Desert                  (塔爾沙漠)
        2. In the Jungles of the Ghats (高止密林)
        3. Life on the Holy River         (圣河萬靈)
        4. The Himalayas                   (喜馬拉雅)
        5. In the Land of Naga            (那迦之地)